We are first and foremost students of yoga ourselves, all sharing a deep love and respect for the poetry of life, the richness of the many traditions of yoga, and the many mystical cultures from around the world that come together to shape our own personal journeys. Yoga is an intrinsically individual discipline that requires a great variety of techniques to satisfy the great variety of individuals. We do not teach one particular style of practice here at The Bhaktishop but instead strive to share the essence of yoga: the skillful combination of physical movement, conscious breathing, deep devotion, and concentration/meditation with the intention of bringing you closer to authentic knowledge of yourself and connection to spirit. All of our teachers are individuals, and we wholeheartedly embrace our varying lineages and perspectives, making our united approach a way of embracing the varying perspectives of you, the student, and providing conditions within each class for individual experience and meaning. We aim to honor and revere both you and yoga in all of its diversity, with an attitude of service and a willingness to allow ourselves to be taught every day by each one of you. With resolute devotion to that service, we humbly serve the notion that all beings everywhere deserve happiness and love, and a healthy, balanced life.

We also believe that yoga should be accessible to all people, regardless of income, size, age or ability. We are deeply welcoming to LGBTQ folks. All our teachers practice yoga. All of us are well-trained in strong bio-mechanical principles with a loving eye toward injury prevention and individualized instruction in every single body. We offer you intelligent, detailed instruction in asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, Ayurveda, Restorative practices, Therapeutics with qualified instructors, Prenatal and Post-partum care, and many specialized workshops for training teachers to be even better teachers. Our commitment is to furthering the conversation about yoga in our studio, your house, your community and beyond.