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The Bhaktishop Yoga Center is a labor of love, hatched over many years of wanting to bring a celebration of the gifts of this deep and divine tradition that is yoga to as wide a community as possible. This practice comes in so many colors, shapes, and paths that it can be challenging at times to navigate the waters of “Which practice is right for me?”

For us, the truth is that whatever practice resonates most deeply with you, calls you over and over again to the mat, and opens your heart to a fuller, richer experience of life, is the practice that is right for you! At The Bhaktishop, we all share a deep love and respect for the poetry of life, the richness of the many traditions of yoga, and the many mystical cultures from around the world that come together to shape an amazed tour of your own personal journey. We aim to honor and revere yoga in all of its diversity, with an attitude of grace and a willingness to allow the profound openings that are possible to pour forth from all of our hearts. With this grace and our resolute devotion to service, we humbly serve the notion that all beings everywhere deserve happiness and love!

Lisa Mae

We also believe that yoga should be accessible to all people, regardless of income, size, age or ability. Our studio offers a place in which your truth, beauty, and courageous spirits are brought out and celebrated—we deeply honor and respect your amazing path to your deeper self!  Our teachers all share different forms of vinyasa and hatha yoga, both of which encompass the yoga of conscious awareness, utilizing the breath as we move from one shape to another.  All our teachers are well-trained in strong biomechanical principles, with a loving eye toward injury prevention and grace in each individual body. We offer wanderers and wonderers alike an abundantly joyful and love-filled opportunity to dive deeply into their own mystery, encouraged on the yoga path by asana, pranayama, meditation, singing, community spirit, and opening in new and delightful ways. Welcome one and all!

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recent press

March 15th 2013 - Take a listen to this sweet interview on KBOO about kirtan featuring the music of Mala, and The Bhaktishop's kirtan choir!

Feb 14th 2012 - Portland Mercury - "It's by far my favorite studio in town, with a perfect blend of no-nonsense yoga practice..."

yoga journal

Where America Practices: 10 Fantastically Yoga-Friendly Towns

Yoga Journal, August 2011
By Amy Wolf and Charity Ferreira

It is inspiring to see how the country’s many yoga communities embrace the practice and adapt it to their local style. To celebrate the variety and uniqueness of yoga in the United States, we put together a list of 10 towns where your practice (and your life) can be shaped by that magic combination of ingredients that nurtures a thriving yoga community: Gorgeous studios in and world-class yoga instruction. Beautiful scenery and proximity to nature. A culture of healthful living. Like-minded people who value service, giving back, and balance. And above all, a sense that your community and surroundings are a source of support and inspiration.

The Portland Scene:
The conscientiousness that makes Portlanders so acutely aware of how their actions affect one another as well as the planet may have inspired the TV parody Portlandia, but it’s also the reason for the city’s evolved ideas about sustainable living and community welfare.  Based here are Street Yoga and Living Yoga, two non-profits that bring yoga and compassionate communication skills to homeless youth, prisons, shelters and rehab centers.  Studios all over town get involved in community outreach efforts. At The People’s Yoga, drop-ins cost just $8 to make classes available to a wider range of students. And last summer’s citywide Yogathon, in which more than 20 yoga centers participated, raised $21,000 for Living Yoga’s programs.

“I think there’s been a wave of realization that “Oh, wait, this isn’t supposed to be just for me,” says Lisa Mae Osborn, co-owner of The Bhaktishop, a studio that recently reduced prices to make classes more accessible. “A huge part of our mission is to enable people who normally couldn’t practice regularly at a studio,” she says. “More and more studios here are starting to recognize what a service that is, whether it’s offering classes for $5 or a practice once a month where you can bring a friend for free.”

The city is notoriously welcoming to creative types—writers, artists, musicians, and free thinkers of all stripes. It all adds up to a diverse and open-minded yoga culture—one that’s not about pretension, but about inclusion. “On a good day in Portland, you can participate in Kundalini sadhana, Sufi chanting, Tibetan Buddhist meditation, ecstatic dance, and Jewish kirtan,” says J.D. Kleinke, a local yoga practitioner.

Read the entire article by picking up an issue of this month’s Yoga Journal!

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