Designed to be taken in portions of 50-75 hours at a time, with no set endpoint, it is intended for those already teaching or that have completed a 200-hour program, though it does not have to have been here at The Bhaktishop. You can apply to begin at anytime, as there is something being offered each and every season.  Please see the requirements for the program at the bottom of the page in the “fine print” section.

If you are seeking a 300-hour certificate,  please email for an application form and return it to us to get started, and to get some information about how, for political reasons, we are leaving the Yoga Alliance at the end of 2018. This may affect your decision to do your study here. You may start the program at anytime, and if you have questions about how to get going, please email

Contact Lisa Mae at for any further details.

Current 300 Hour Workshop/Series/Training Offerings