I am forever fascinated by movement of every kind; I have been dancing my whole life and have teaching Yoga since 2007 through my company, Working with Yoga, offering on-site Yoga to corporate offices in Portland. In 2013, after three herniated discs, I happened to turn to a page in Eric Franklin's book "Dynamic Alignment" and it changed my life, sending me to enroll in the Level One Franklin Method training, where I studied the bone rhythms of the body using imagery and movement. I now can't help but incorporate FM (Franklin Method) into my ongoing Yoga classes and private Yoga therapy sessions as well. The Franklin Method (as well as Yoga!) teaches us to dig deeper...to uncover and understand our patterns, both physical and mental. Only once we see how we've been functioning can we make a change. I strive to offer thoughtful, supportive, light-hearted classes with enough space for students to turn inward and learn more about themselves. Along with my recent training with Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer in the Franklin Method,

I am lucky and grateful to have learned from such Yogis/Yoginis as: Avadhutiika Ananda Deviika Ma, Maetreyii Nolan, Sarasvati Buhrman, Richard Miller, Shar Lee, Jnani Chapman, Antonio Sausys, Carol Hince, Olga Kabel, Jason Crandell, Rae Minten, Lisa Mae Osborn, Mary St. Onge and Joy Wolfe. Thank you endlessly to these teachers with whom I have practiced, and thank you to the teachers of the past who have handed down this beautiful practice so that I, like so many others, can be inspired to dig deeper and see beyond.