My mama was my first teacher of all things precious in this life, including the gift of yoga. She taught me to do sun salutations as a little girl, and I have warm memories of practicing alongside her, listening to her deep inhale and exhale; her love of yoga was one of the many jewels she passed down to me. In the years since that first surya namaskar yoga has opened the door for me day after day providing me with a place to experience all things, to dive deep into the center of my being, and to create a sense of spaciousness in the body, heart and mind.

I believe in practicing seva in all forms and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have always been inspired by the words of Marian Wright Edelman, the founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, "Service is the rent we pay for living. It is the very purpose of life and not just something you do in your spare time." In my early years as a Social Worker, yoga provided me with an oasis of healing and became a place for deep release and renewal. This led me to want to learn more, and I took that great leap into my first teacher training. Merging my passion for Social Work and yoga has been one of life’s sweetest of unfoldings, and I have had the honor of working with Street Yoga and also teaching for the Art of Yoga Project, a program that provides yoga to young women in juvenile hall.

I offer deep bows of gratitude to my teachers on this path. In 2009 I completed a 200-hour certification with Max Strom, who taught me that by attending to our inner state, we are our own best tool for kindness and peace in the world. In 2013 after over a decade of studentship I completed my 500-hour certification with Janet Stone whose embodied practice is rooted in ways to "make every breath an act of devotion...adorn yourself and those around you with garlands of compassion." I've had many great teachers who have provided me with rich opportunity for growth and learning, including Lisa Mae & The Bhaktishop. My newest teacher is my baby boy, Jack Ravi, who has taught me more about the deep power of the breath and about love and gratitude. I aspire to live and teach with compassion and a great deal of heart.