Yoga Foundations 1

Welcome to yoga—our foundational breath and alignment-based class is designed to introduce you to and build on the fundamentals of Hatha yoga. This class starts at the very beginning, and is made for real, honest-to-goodness beginners. Expect a generally downward-dog-free and chaturanga-free class overall, as your smart, well-practiced and compassionate teacher sets you up for empowerment and success in a well-rounded, skillful, and illuminating class for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. A safe and fun intro to our way of helping you love yoga the way we do. Absolutely EVERYONE can start here.

Yoga 1/2

This class is intended to encourage you onward when you feel ready to make the leap from Yoga Foundations 1 to Yoga 2, but is appropriate for all continuing students as well, since it is always beneficial to take a few steps back in an effort to strengthen your practice. A slower-paced class overall, with a focus on clarifying the skills and transitions between poses, as well as refining the mechanics of common poses found in regular Yoga 2 classes that may not always get the attention they deserve. Get the tools you need to make progress on the mat.

Yoga 2

This class level introduces some more challenging aspects of the Hatha/vinyasa practice, such as more detailed alignment and more emphasis on mindful transitions. Expect healthy movement, somewhat more challenging asana, introductions to things like inversion preparations and backbends, and fluid, detailed instruction. Every teacher offers this class a little bit differently, so you have lots of chances to try new things. For students that have a solid feel for the basics but still want a slower tempo to build strength and grace.

Yoga 2/3

This mixed Hatha/vinyasa class will get you moving, centered, and sometimes, depending on the day and teacher, a brand new way of seeing yourself and your moving vehicle. Designed for the continuing student and seasoned practitioner, you will be creatively and safely guided by smart and informed movement teachers in this class that is often taught with workshop-level sophistication.  With generous modifications and/or deepening practices for both levels offered, this is not your average flow class but a chance to grow and refine what you already know with clarity. Come and see what a little bit of extra attention to detail can do for your practice, and your life. For committed practitioners that have invested the time and study to stay safe but still yearn to learn and grow their approach to asana practice.

Level 3 Asana Lab

Level 3 is a detail-oriented, sophisticated laboratory geared toward more experienced yoga practitioners, giving us the chance to hone our skills on the mat together. You are encouraged to deeply refine your inner and outer form, explore bold postures safely, focus more clearly on your own alignment and bio-mechanics, break some sticky old habits, perhaps explore the depths of some of yoga's philosophical topics, and delve more deeply into your self and your rich inner experience. These workshop-level classes are challenging, mechanically-inclined, anatomically precise, and living proof that you don't always need harder, faster asana to have a sophisticated, intelligent practice. Suited for those with very committed investment in understanding their own body, limitations and practices; this is the thinking person's answer to "advanced" asana classes.


Restorative Yoga

This candlelit evening class is a slow and mindful remembering of the body and its connection to the mind and heart. In this class we explore the quieter, more restful aspects of yoga integrating supported and reclining poses and a lot of attention to moving slowly, gently, and letting the body and the spirit fully and deeply rest. Throughout the practice, our restorative instructors skillfully and compassionately guide students toward greater self-acceptance and awareness. You may also explore meditation, pranayama, and other forms of dynamic stillness in these healing and medicinal classes.

Franklin Method/Yoga

This fun hybrid class is challenging enough for the experienced practitioner while also being accessible for newer students. Anything is possible in here: whether we are examining one specific anatomical action or delving into a yogic concept, you will learn more about you in many different areas of awareness. Using creative props like stretchy bands, we spend time with smart, dance-like movement as well as fascial release via rolling on different types of therapy balls. Each week we will practice getting stronger without tension and creating more flexibility without laxity. This is a totally unique class experience, and will leave you lighter, stronger, and more energized. Move better...feel better!

The Harmony Class

The original half-and-half class, perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon or a nourishing mid-day snack when you need to do both: move and rest. Start with deep relaxation and breathwork, gently build toward simple movement and standing poses, and end with long-held restorative poses to really sink into and soften your mind and body. These classes are really perfect.

Seasonal Sadhana

To feel balance in daily life, the ancient wisdom of Yoga suggests sadhana (practice). Doing a regular sadhana practice can cultivate a feeling of ease and clarity as well as harmony and connection to both ourselves and others. Join Danielle in this weekly class  to learn about daily practices that are informed by the changing seasonal cycles. In each session we will explore several of the limbs of classical yoga including asana (postures), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (withdrawing the mind from sense perception) and dharana (concentration) moving towards a place of dhyana, or meditation. Fusing mind, body and spirit on a daily basis is a powerful practice and effort towards health and wellness. Coming together with the support of community will strengthen and fuel the connections both within and without and help support your connection to the natural rhythms of the seaons. All levels welcome.

Movement Forum: Fluidity and Somatic Movement

Explore a wide variety of approaches to strength including large whole body/whole space movements down to small, refined, isolated actions, and everything in between. This specialized class teaches curiosity, willingness to move differently, and the ability to skillfully engage your strong, fluid core in a variety of beautiful, functional movement-based approaches to strength. You will cultivate your own physical strength and acuity while keeping a keen focus on bio-mechanical integrity.  Monicka draws on her many years of experience as an athlete, dancer, bodyworker, and student/teacher of anatomy and kinesiology to provide a playful, well-rounded and grounded approach to strengthening the body.  Come and check it out-- its an amazing compliment to the yoga you love! Open to everyone at any level of practice or interest.

Movement Forum: Body Braid/Movement

The Body Braid provides a gentle hug and a continuous, uplifting reminder of your body's innate alignment, and can be worn during any activity but is particularly awesome and helpful as a tool for yoga practice, as it can be used to assist yourself in postures or used by the teacher to help you, and provides a steady reminder of your own body's amazing resilience. It is magnificent in aiding correct posture, as well as training the body in proprioception. Wearing the Body Braid creates a gentle pressure on your skin, and this pressure creates a link between your movement and the stimulation of your sensory nerves. Your brain receives enhanced information about where your body parts are, and how they are moving relative to each other. Putting on a Body Braid amplifies your coordination, posture, and kinesthetic awareness. Practicing yoga while wearing The Body Braid can inform your posture at a subconscious level of awareness, which means it can influence your movement and posture even when you aren't thinking about it.

Movement Forum: Somatic Self-care/Massage

To heed the demand for a class that focuses entirely on self-care and self- massage and relaxation techniques, we offer you this class as a part of our Friday Movement Forum.  Self-massage is a powerful therapeutic tool which can help to reduce myofascial (muscular) tension while increasing range of motion, body awareness, and awareness of oneself in space.  We will move slowly and gently toward a state of relaxation and balance, and all students are welcome.   Monicka's unique background as a Licensed Massage Therapist and movement/bodywork nerd give her the best qualifications for this class. Try it!

Functional Strength

Mondays at 10am and Fourth Fridays at noon, this specialized class is an excellent companion to your yoga practice, focusing on cultivating strength, balance, and coordination while increasing movement awareness and efficiency. Through the use of body weight resistance, stretchy bands, sandbags, blocks/chairs and creative isolated actions, we will work smarter to ensure that everyone can benefit. Always includes some time on the therapy balls and some myofascial self-massage at the end! All are welcome, no experience necessary. Get stronger, learn to move smarter!

Yoga & Aging Gently

Your chronological age, your biological age, your psychological age; what's the difference? Is your natural aging process a little less graceful than you might like? Are you concerned about bone density, aches and pains, losing your balance and flexibility, or coping with the changes that come with gaining wisdom and age? Are you newer to physical movement, worn out, stressed out, afraid of not aging well, or unsure how to proceed in the body you currently inhabit? Are you feeling ready to integrate your amazing life experiences with mindfulness and acuity in good company?

Here is a yoga class designed for people that think perhaps a yoga class is not for them. Taught by mature teachers and surrounded by people your own age with similar concerns and issues, you will be gently guided toward greater mobility, self-care, independence, and wisdom in the safest of environments. Using a variety of tools and props to support movement, you will move with care and recognition of the body you have, enabling your own growth consciously in the midst of the aging process. Denying aging isn't good for anyone; embracing these changes together and learning how to confidently live and move with grace, awareness and ease will help you. Come and learn about yoga, and yourself.

Mantra & Meditation

This class is a response to the many requests over the years for more mantra and meditation in community.  Join us for a weekly opportunity to come together in the good, connective company of others,  participate in simple call-and-response chanting, and sit for simple guided meditation.  No experience necessary, and all are welcome to attend. By donation.

Prenatal Yoga

Come join other mamas as you journey together into motherhood. Prenatal yoga will help prepare you for the physical and emotional changes in pregnancy, birth and new motherhood with grace and support. We will work with asana in order to strengthen your body, increase endurance and flexibility and promote optimal baby position for birth, and practice breath awareness to quiet the mind and listen to your own wise mama within. This class will help you gain trust in the normal birth process, as you give yourself this time to be with your tiny baby within. All levels are welcome.

Mama & Baby Yoga

This class is a sweet opportunity for all of you new Mamas to come together and gently move your bodies, and get to bring your babies with you! We will work together with yoga poses and breathwork to help strengthen and stabilize your amazing postpartum body. Emphasis will be on relieving stress and tension from the neck and shoulders, and on stabilizing the abdominal wall, lower back, and pelvis. We will look at optimal structural alignment in the day to day life of a new mother, to help you with the challenges of your new role with support and care. Come whenever you feel ready, which for most women is usually about 4-6 weeks postpartum. Bring your baby until he/she is crawling circles around you!


Please note that for everyone's safety and comfort, children must be over 14 years old and accompanied by a parent to participate in yoga classes. Once your child turns 16 and has been to class at least one time with you and all is well, they may participate in classes on their own, as long as we have a parental permission slip and waiver signed by you. We are sorry that we cannot allow your child to remain in the lobby while you are in class.  

Private Instruction

We are happy to offer high-quality, technically precise, and amazingly helpful private and semi-private instruction for those seeking additional help with jump-starting a practice, working therapeutically with an injury, or just because you want a little bit of extra attention with your own practice at any level. 

We would be delighted to talk with you about what your needs are, and assist you with getting the right teacher and time-frame for your private or semi-private class.

Please email us at to inquire!