It is a practice that gives us insight into the nature of our own inner workings. This can enliven everything we do, increasing our ability to recognize what is most meaningful to us and act in alignment with that. In this way, yoga can instill within us a greater sense of our purpose and access to our potential. This assertion is at the core of my teaching style. I interweave clear, precise alignment instruction and subtle body awareness with insights from yoga philosophy and natured-based traditions to guide my students into a deeper relationship with themselves.

I first stepped onto a yoga mat 15 years ago feeling lost, injured, and at odds with my body. Through regular practice, first in the Kundalini yoga tradition, and later in Hatha-Based traditions, I discovered that a more fulfilling connection with myself, as well as with the world around me, was possible. For the first time, I felt empowered. In 2005, after 8 years of practice, I began my study of yoga teaching. I started teaching regularly in 2008 and continue to deepen my understanding of yoga through regular trainings in anatomy, biomechanics and alignment, as well as yoga philosophy and the more subtle components of practice, including meditation and pranayama. Teachers who continue to challenge and inspire me, and who I seek to study with as often as I can, include Christina Sell, Noah Maze, Doug Keller and Dr. Douglas Brooks.

When I’m not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find me at Kwan Yin Healing Arts East, a natural health clinic where I practice acupuncture and sound healing. To learn more, please visit and