The Bhaktishop's Scholarship Application

The purpose of this benefit is to make yoga available to anyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Even as we endeavor to continue to give in your service, our funds are indeed limited, and so submitting an application for our Scholarship does not guarantee that you will receive one. The benefit is available in two levels: 10-class cards for $30 or $60. Please indicate on the application which level you are capable of paying for. Please also note that you may apply for this scholarship once every four months, and you may receive a scholarship no more than three times in one 12-month period, to be sure that we are able to share the equity. These class cards expire after 6 months, just like our regular cards do.

Application details: We will contact you by e-mail when your application has been received and processed. If you receive a Scholarship, we will inform you about it via email and give you the details on its beginning date. Please email us with any questions about the process here at

Workshop Scholarship
If you are interested in applying for a Workshop Scholarship for a specific workshop, please indicate that on the application and fill in the blank there with the appropriate workshop that you would like to attend, as well as what you are able to offer to pay towards it.

Thank you for your love of yoga, your interest in caring for yourself and your community, and wanting to share it with us here at The Bhatkishop Know that we will carefully consider your request.

Please bring your completed application (along with any required documents) to the Center, or email your application to

You may also snail-mail your application to us at:
The Bhaktishop Scholarship Fund
2500 SE 26th Ave
Portland, OR 97202