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Four-Part Ayurveda Immersion with Danielle Hanna

Join our resident Ayurvedic Teacher for this very exciting four-month dive into Ayurveda, in a practical and experiential series of workshops designed to immerse you in yoga's ancient wisdom. Open to all teachers and serious students of yoga. (12 Ayurveda Hours for 500 Hour Students)

#1: Dinacharya
Part 1 will lay the foundation for a basic Ayurvedic understanding, starting with the fundamentals. Learn about the elements and how they are realized in the body/mind through the Doshas, and through these, learn the Dinacharya (daily routine) to keep yourself moving towards balance and equanimity every day.

#2: Food as Medicine
Second in the series, FOOD! Food is our most important medicine. Adjusting diet to your own personal elemental nature along with seasonal and time of life considerations can be very powerful. Learn about the fundamentals of an Ayurvedic diet as well as the six tastes represented. We will taste herbs, make ghee and eat kitchadi, a delicious Ayurvedic dietary staple.

#3: Asana Through Ayurveda
Look through the lens of Ayurveda as it applies to your own personal Asana practice. Every season, time of day, time of life and body type has a different energy; see how to use Ayurveda to help refine and inform your practices and your teaching.

#4: Keeping it Open
We will keep this last session loosely scheduled, to tie up loose ends that have come up through the program, and dive a little deeper into the Dinacharya, Food and Asana/Pranayama portions of the series.