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Sanskrit and Yoga Weekend: The Luminous Sounds and Language of Knowledge

Join our charming, wise and hilarious Sanskrit teacher, Joshua Michaell, for a trip through the luminous language of yoga. Learn the meaning of good pronunciation, figure out the mouth positions by trying again and again, pick up some key tricks for recognizing the Romanized (written) script, talk philosophy, and more in this totally fun, totally illuminating workshop for all levels of teacher and yoga explorer.

This weekend will be engaging, thorough, and might lead you deeper into your experience of yoga both on and off of the mat. The content will differ significantly from the Sanskrit course Josh offers in the Fall, which centers around the script, grammar and the written alphabet of sound. Friday night will be a special guest lecture on chanting the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. All are welcome! No experience needed, and we promise you will chant your brains out. (500 Hour Students: If you attend the whole weekend, count 8 Sanskrit Hours and 2 Philosophy Hours)

Joshua Michaell is a senior teacher with the American Sanskrit Institute, leads workshops and teacher trainings throughout the US and abroad. He is also a psychotherapist with offices in San Francisco and Marin County, CA. Follow his blog at