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Asana A-Z with Lisa Mae, Monicka, Tasha and Kate

Tu/Th 6:05-8am 
January 20- May 21 (no class on 3/3, 3/5, 3/31, 4/2) 

For teachers and dedicated students of asana, join us and the participants in the 200 Hour asana program for a full-spectrum dive into the mechanics of practicing and teaching asana, from Tadasana to as far as we can get in 18 weeks! This immersion is perfect for any teacher that may have missed some of the details of foundational asana in their own 200 Hour trainings. It is also ideal for anyone whose personal practice is flagging, and is needing the company and structure of a long-term program to reignite their personal practice. Daily Japa meditation in a group is also part of this module, as well as basic pranayama techniques and lots of anatomy detail, mechanics and teaching tools. Lisa Mae, Monicka, Tasha and the wonderful Kate Busby are your fearless leaders for this early morning adventure. Potentially includes a 3-night retreat to Breitnebush at additional cost, if you wish to accompany us on that journey. 

60 Asana Hours for 500 Hour students