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Moving From Within: Exploratory Anatomy Beneath The Asanas with Monicka

$100/4-part Series ($30 Drop in on the day of each class)

Join Monicka, our exquisite and unparalleled Anatomy teacher, in this 4-part series as she guides you beneath the surface of the poses into the more dynamic inner life of your physical body.  This exploratory journey is intended to help both teachers and students increase awareness of the body and breath through guided imagery and deeper movement explorations, allowing greater efficiency and ease to surface in yoga asana practice.  Part Anatomy class and part asana class, you will explore a different region of the body in each of the four sessions, and apply your new-found knowledge to your yoga poses in a way that is both practical, informative and potent.  All levels are welcome to attend! 

300 Hour students: 10 Anatomy or Asana Hours