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The Science of Stretching: Biomechanics and Neuromechanisms PART 1 with Jules Mitchell, M.S.

Saturday and Sunday, October 3 and 4, 3-7pm (please commit to both days!)
$145 early registration pricing, $165 after 9/18/15

(8 Anatomy Hours for 300 Hour Students)

***Please Note: PART 1 is required for attending PART 2, held March 13, 2016.

This workshop is Part 1 of an introduction to the field of biomechanics, and paves the way for an investigation into what is actually occurring under the skin when we stretch. We will discuss the neuromotor system and the role of sensory input and motor output during stretching exercises like yoga asana. While the concepts seem complex and scientific, Jules delivers these concepts in a way that any practitioner can understand and apply in a way that will immediately impact your ideas of movement in the body! A must for any student of yoga, teacher of asana, or physical movement instructor or student that has ever been curious about mechanics and stretching. Explore fascia/connective tissue and the healing process, understand tensegrity and in general get to know your own machine better!
This class will be mostly lecture, with some discussion and physical applications. Bring a journal. A great opportunity to explore what we are doing in yoga class with a leader in the field of mechanics. Not to be missed!
Jules Mitchell is a yoga therapist and exercise scientist, and blends the tradition of yoga with the science of bio-mechanics to serve all of us that love to move our bodies better. She extensively researched the science of stretching for her Master's Thesis Project, soon to be published. Please visit her at