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Yoga and Calming Anxiety with Jeannie

Sunday, Nov. 22nd from 3-6pm, $50

You are not anxious by nature. The experience of deep calm can be found by almost anyone, but to find it, we need tools. While anxiety can be described quite clinically in mental health settings, it has become an everyday reality for most of us living these fast-paced, over-scheduled lives. In this culture of distraction and information overload we need antidotes we can carry with us to help us cultivate calmness and ease.

In this workshop we will explore tools for working with ourselves (or our clients) to find a deeper awareness of the mind, the breath and the body, and ways of weaving these in to the lives we’re already living. We will discuss and experience 10 or more practices that anyone can do to relax the body, soothe an over-active mind, improve mental clarity, and find greater emotional stability. The tools in this workshop will inspire you to begin a daily practice you truly find calming and restful. If you work with clients, you will leave feeling more confident in the practices you can offer, and you don’t have to have skills in teaching yoga or guiding meditations to explain them.

This workshop is for everyone, and a vital addition to the stressful holiday season.

(3 elective hours for 300 hour students)