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Restorative Teacher Training with Jeannie Songer

Its sounds so simple, Restorative Yoga. But there is science, neurology and psychology at work, all collaborating to make a restful and rejuvenating experience for the nervous system, so agitated in this rattled world of ours. Judith Lasater identifies four pillars of restorative practice: stillness, quiet, darkness, and warmth. In this workshop for teachers, we will discuss and learn how to guide students into a deep and restful state by way of restorative postures and breath work. Exploring supportive, restorative holds using bolsters, blankets, sandbags and blocks, with plenty of attention to modifications for injury or discomfort, you can expect to leave this workshop understanding basic restorative sequencing, transitions, breathing exercises and cues, and physical adjustments that can help students move from a place of agitation to one of deep stillness. There will be plenty of time for questions, and practice as well. Jeannie is certified by Judith Lasater herself to teach and share restorative yoga. (8 Teaching Methodology Hours for 300 Hour Students)