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Psychology and Ethics in Yoga with Jeannie

Sunday April 26, 3-6pm $50

In this unit along with the unit on Ethics in Teaching Yoga, we will be discovering and creating definitions for psychology and spirituality; exploring where they overlap and how they differ. We will explore both the psychology of learning and the anxiety-producing “gap” between what you know (“I've attended 1,000 classes!”) and what you can do as a beginner (“wow, teaching is hard.”) We will discuss four levels of teacher (leader, teacher, master, guru) and four types of student (athletes, scientists, counselors, mystics) and how to identify each. Lastly, we will be discussing common psychological issues that arise in teaching yoga classes, such as: projection and transference, various kinds of boundaries, crying students, and more. Always lively, come join Jeannie in this vital discussion about our emerging and ever-complicated work in the field of teaching. 

8 Elective hours total for Ethics and Psychology