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August Yoga Therapy Series with Ali: Your Amazing Spine

Four Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm, August 5-26th

$45 for all four sessions ($35 for MAP Members)

Spend four progressive weeks learning the many therapeutic possibilities of movement in the spine by practicing the famous and incredibly practical Franklin Method spinal movements. Learn to move the spine into it's full range of motion safely and with great attention to practical actions that are useful, repeatable, and therapeutic both in life and in asana. Please keep in mind that these are not drop-in classes, but a whole progressive series. Plan to come to them all to get all the benefits!

August 5: Learn the relationship of the pelvis and sacrum to the spine, and explore real range of motion for healthy relationships in your joints.

August 12: Spinal discs: How to embody, feel, and learn to love your amazing spinal discs. Even if you are injured in this region, this class is practical and helpful and applicable to everyone.

August 19: Understand how moving from your spinal ligaments can create an overall sense of ease in your spine with simple, repeatable patterns you can replicate over and over in daily life and in your movement practices.

August 26: How does breathing affect your spine? This week we deconstruct your posture, your breath and their relationship to your spine, and we wrap up the series with some practical, ongoing practices for your ongoing spinal health.

(300 Hour students: 6 Anatomy credits)