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Advanced Practice Series: The Art of Detail with Lisa Mae

Four Thursdays: Sept 10-24 and Oct 1, 6:30-8am $80 ($65 for MAP Members)

This four-part series for more continuing yoga practitioners will give you a place to detail out your asana practice in a progressive, intelligent way while helping you un-stick some old habits while installing new ones. Sophisticated, precise, and disciplined, this four week series is an asana engineers' dream; we will work smarter, not necessarily harder, and you will make appreciable progress!

Please have a steady, strong practice to take this workshop series, and come to class curious about your body's dusty and forgotten corners. We will use lots of props (chairs! belts! frisbees!) and strengthening techniques, pull from a variety of disciplines to get some new consciousness in place and create stamina and awareness around all we do with our body, mind and breath. Class will be kept intentionally small, so please register early. (300 Hour students; 6 asana hours)