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2nd Fridays: Functional Movement & Body Braid with Lisa Mae

Now on Second Fridays! 12-1:15pm (FINAL CLASS MAY 11th! This class is taking a break for the summer!)

Drop-in or class cards welcome

The Body Braid provides a gentle hug and a continuous, uplifting reminder of your body's innate alignment. It can be worn during any activity but is particularly awesome and helpful as a tool for yoga practice, as it can be used to assist yourself in postures, used by the teachers to help you, and provides a steady reminder of your own body's amazing resilience. It is magnificent in aiding correct posture, as well as training the body in proprioception. Wearing the Body Braid creates a gentle pressure on your skin, and this pressure creates a link between your movement and the stimulation of your sensory nerves. Your brain receives enhanced information about where your body parts are, and how they are moving relative to each other. The Body Braid’s effect is similar to that of turning up the volume of a hearing aid, which helps your sense of hearing, or putting on a pair of glasses, which help your sense of sight. Putting on a Body Braid amplifies your coordination, posture, and kinesthetic awareness. Practicing yoga while wearing The Body Braid can inform your posture at a subconscious level of awareness, which means it can influence your movement and posture even when you aren't thinking about it.

Read more about the benefits here:

These classes are for everyone, and will be adjusted according to the level of student that show up for them. It takes a while to put the braid on the body, so as each student arrives, I will assist them into a Braid so that we can begin practice as soon as everyone is "Braided" up. Part yoga class, part strengthening, part movement exploration, come with an open mind and a curiosity for exploring what your body can sense and feel in new and incredible ways.

All classes are available for drop-in or class card and I promise they will be unlike anything you have practiced before!