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The Planet Saturn and the Path of Yoga: A Vedic Astrology Workshop with Dennis Flaherty

Saturday September 19th, 1-5pm $60 ($50 for MAP)

Saturn is the furthest visible planet from the Sun.   There are many celestial bodies beyond Saturn, but Vedic astrology considers them non-luminous planets as they are not visible in the spectrum of light.  Thus, Saturn represents the limits of light, the finality of our outer perception, and the beginning of our journey back to light.   This workshop will explore the most revered and often most feared of the planets, for the onset of darkness can bring the most primordial fears to people’s most impressionable minds. Fear is nothing more than an acronym for “false evidence appearing real”, and it is Saturn’s timeless task to cut through this false evidence to reveal what is real.

Symbolically Saturn represents the process that commences with the dark half of the year, where the outer and upward limits of growth culminate.   Darkness ensues, and all of nature turns back toward the journey of inner growth.  In this process, Saturn represent the path of Yoga, the Yogi and Yogini, and the journey back toward self-inquiry once one has realized the outer limits of one’s existence.  For those who realize these limits, Saturn will be your greatest teacher on this inner path.  For those who are ignorant of these limits, Saturn will also be your greatest teacher, as he will continually test your attachment to what you believe to be true. This often comes in the form of existential crises, or the “dark night of the soul,” which precipitates the Yogic journey to self- realization. 

There is a profound spiritual side to Saturn, as it is during the darkest times that the contrasting light seems the brightest.  He shows us the hard realities of life, which is why in India Saturn is considered the Sat Graha,  the” Lord of Truth.”  The cold hard truth is that everything that is born is destined to die; the proverbial price of life itself.  As Lord of Truth, Saturn teaches us to fearlessly allow what is false to die, and to gradually awaken to what is real and eternal.  In this workshop for Yogis and Yoginis, Dennis will explain Saturn’s process of enlightenment, his planetary caste, his sanyas ashram, as well his planetary cycles and most importantly, his placement in your chart, for it is this placement where we experience the limits of life, and an understanding of those limits is our greatest teacher.

Please provide your birth data via email to at registration (time, location and date), as each person will receive a copy of their Vedic Astrology birth chart and a mini-reading in class. Dennis is an incredible astrologer and reader. Don't miss this!

Dennis is also available for a limited number of (totally stellar!) personal readings on Sunday, September 20th. Please call (425)778-6487 to schedule yours.