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Learn To Love Your Spine: A Franklin Method Workshop with Ali Wesley

Saturday, January 9 from 3-6pm, $50

Create freedom in your hips and lower back as you learn the dynamic anatomy of the pelvis and how the pelvic floor supports you in all your favorite movement modalities (dance, Yoga, Pilates, and more). Once you can embody and see how movement is happening inside your body, you can instantly feel the change and the improvements in coordination, flexibility and flow.
Working not only with exercises that demonstrate the bone rhythms in the pelvis, in this workshop we will also practice fundamental daily movements like sitting and walking, using imagery as our guide. This work is fun, engaging, and totally useful for all levels and types of bodies, injuries, and practitioners. All are welcome.

Curious about The Franklin Method? Come to the new weekly Franklin Method Balls and bands class on Thursday, January 7th at 2:30pm for FREE and get a sense of the material!