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Yoga and Fertility with Shana

Saturday February 27 from 3­ - 5:30, $35

Yoga can offer a great deal of physical and emotional support along the journey to motherhood. In this workshop we will explore a yoga practices to naturally enhance and support fertility, experience a complete practice intended to soften the abdomen, increase blood flow to the pelvis and open lines of energy throughout the body to create harmony and ease. Meditation, breath practices and guided imagery will also be used to help relax the mind and open the heart in preparation for baby. Guidance will be given on which poses and techniques are most beneficial and which ones should be avoided at different stages of your monthly cycle or while undergoing IVF.

If you are currently taking any regular yoga class, we highly recommend this workshop so you can learn how to use yoga to support your fertility and how to adapt poses during various times in your cycle in any class. This Yoga for Fertility workshop is designed for women who are trying to conceive, either naturally or through assisted reproductive technology.

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