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Healthy Hips, SI Joints and Pelvis: A Franklin Method and Yoga Series with Ali Wesley

Three Fridays, May 20, 27 and June 3 from 6-8pm, and Saturday June 4th from 3-6pm
$90 for all four sessions

In these three Friday evening sessions, come learn more than anatomy; expect to learn how YOUR particular anatomy moves! Using healthy movements and imagery from the Franklin Method, begin to understand, free up and embody the many possibilities of movement in your amazing pelvis. Culminating with the SI joint workshop on Saturday, this series will help you deeply understand yourself, move better, and move smarter in all the things you love.  The SI joint can be an area of caution, guarding, pain and frustration. There is much discussion in the yoga and movement world about the need to "stabilize" a hyper-mobile SI joint, to free a "locked" SI joint, and to "balance" an asymmetrical SI joint. Learn and explore the true function of your SI joint, as well as the role of the SI in yoga asanas, from symmetrical poses like forward bends, to asymmetrical poses such as triangle pose, and then in backbends and rotation. All are welcome (even and especially those with injuries.) Expect to move, to learn, and to grow! (300 Hour students: 8 elective hours)

*May 20th, 6-8pm: Two Pelvic halves (including pelvic floor/sit bones)

*May 27th, 6-8pm: Your Sacrum (including the spine)

*June 3, 6-8p: The Incredible Hip joints

*June 4th, 3-6pm: Befriending your SI Joint (this is Saturday's culminating workshop)