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Advanced Practice Series Lab with Lisa Mae

Tu/Th mornings from 6:15-8am June 7-July 7


Join Lisa Mae in the laboratory of experience, playfulness and deep inner listening as we shift into the summer advanced practice series. This series is for those with an established practice that are interested in going deeper inside their own felt sense and moving with intelligence and grace, and not just hungry for deeper, harder asanas. We will learn some playful pas-de-deux work to get more familiar with the use of chairs, experiment with props in new ways, use the amazing Body Braid, and work on some new strengthening/loading changes in the traditional shapes, all with an eye to grow our experiential relationship to both the asanas and our own inner body inquiry.

Using up-to-date biomechanics to inform the traditional postures, we'll grow our strength and mobility in functional ways that will contribute to longevity in practice. If you have been practicing for a long time, or even teaching for a long time, come and get creative in a functional, informed new way. Conversational, sophisticated, and very very community-oriented, these practice classes are joyful and thrive on the wisdom of those of us that are continually asking questions. The yoga revolution is on!

(300 Hour students: 20 asana hours)