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Social Justice and the Presidential Elections of 2016: A Vedic Astrology Lecture with Dennis Flaherty

Friday, September 23, 6-8pm $8

We welcome our very own Vedic Astrologer, Dennis Flaherty, back to The Bhaktishop with his annual talk and predictions for events upcoming. This year, its a hot topic! The refrain of the 60’s pop hit, Only in America, by Jay and the Americans proclaimed, “Only in America could a poor boy like me grow up to be President.” As we fast forward through 2016, this no longer seems possible as the refrain now seems to be “Only in America can a rich boy grow up to be President.” 

We seem to now have the best democracy that money can buy, and with decisions such as Citizen’s United, and lacking Presidential campaign funding reform, the issues of social equity and social justice seem to be at an all-time low.  Let's hear what Vedic Astrology says about these inequitable times in which we live and which of the Presidential candidates might grow up to be President in 2016, and how we can further our own sense of justice in the process, no matter our affiliation...

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