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Ayurveda & Seasonal Wellness: Attuning to Autumn with Danielle

Sunday, September 25th, 3-6pm $50

With Fall swirling her way in, she brings many delights. Beautiful crisp blue skies, electra-colored leaves floating through the air and amazing fruits and veggies calling to be roasted and savored. The natural energy of the season can be so full of beauty and it can also leave us feeling un-tethered, unfocused and stressed. It is a time to take the cues from Nature to ground down more fully and prepare for the quieter months of winter. Join us for an afternoon of exploring the preventative health practices of Ayurveda to support a more stable, balanced season, including a slow, gentle restorative practice to ground and support your mind and body.

Ayurveda is the "Science of Life," and the sister science of Yoga. It is the ancient, healing art of living in balance, health and wellness through simple daily practices and rituals that have been used for thousands of years. By incorporating a few changes in lifestyle and eating habits that are aligned with your inherent nature, radical shift can happen.  Explore the deeper relationship of self-care, attuning and connection within.

(3 hours Ayurveda for 300 Hour Students)