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Fall 2017 Training Series: Christina Sell Teacher Training Intensive

October 19-22, 2017 (Full series sign-ups only at this time)

Thursday and Friday 12-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm

Early Bird Pricing: $345 before September 20, $385 after


12-12:45pm Opening Circle/Discussion (1-1:45pm on Sat and Sun)

1-3:45pm Asana practice (2-4:45pm on Sat and Sun)

4-5pm Closing Discussion (5-6pm on Sat and Sun)

The Grace of Great Things: Teacher's Intensive

The Grace of Great Things is a two-part program designed to enrich and enhance the experienced teacher’s inner life and to bring clarity to fundamental teaching skills through practice, study, contemplation, and discussion. Every day will have time for personal inquiry, asana instruction, and practical forays into refining teaching methods like sequencing strategies, hands-on adjustments, alignment techniques, work with props and developing a personal presence.  Teachers will gain insight and tools to bring into their practice and classes to help them help their students with confidence and clarity. This teacher training is not about rigid rules or dogma and is not concerned with rights and wrongs as they apply to teaching yoga. Instead, this program is designed as a collegiate learning environment that can assist each person in finding their authentic expression as a teacher without judgment or criticism. While this is not a training is social justice or political activism, we will explore the role of yoga and self-inquiry in our current political climate.

Each day will be centered around a theme which will provide focus and direction to our study. 

Day 1- Openness & Listening

Yoga is a path of listening to ourselves and various levels-- the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit.  In the process of learning we who we are individually we also explore but also in relationship to our family, friends and community and nation. As teacher's we have to listen to ourselves, to what we need as well as to what we are saying in class. We also need to listen to our students about what they say, what they do not say, and the various ways they communicate with and without words in class. 

Day 2- Curiosity & Seeing

Observation is the cornerstone of all good teaching and good observation skills begin with looking for what is going well in one's sadhana as well as identifying the patterns that are counterproductive. Seeing who we are on different levels is a process of active  openness and curiosity, not judgement and blame so that we an learn articulate the beauty in postures,  in effort,  in ourselves and in our students. 

Day 3- Acceptance & Being

Santosha, or  contentment from a yogic perspective, is  not as an attitude of  "this is as good as i will ever get,"  but is the willingness to see the  full picture of who we are in this moment-- warts and all-- so that we can consciously choose where to apply our efforts. Yoga is  not just self-improvement and endless perfecting, but instead is a process of coming into wholeness and finding a complete and full relationship with ourselves and our world. 

Day 4- Abiding &  Refining

When  we have  openness, curiosity and acceptance then refining isn't a list of right and wrong prescriptions,  it is a set of ongoing choices and informed responses that we cultivate and practice and allow us to abide more and more in the values of our heart as opposed to the values of conventional society. 

Advanced Study Students: 20 Hours Teaching Methodology

Christina Sell, known for her clarity, down-to-earth teaching style and wisdom, has been practicing yoga since 1991, teaching since 1998 and  leading teacher trainings since 2004. Masterful at synthesis and passionate about practice, her workshops and trainings help teachers and students deepen their self-understanding through work and play, theory and practice, and individual work in a group setting. She is the author of two books on yoga and spirituality. She resides in Buena Vista, CO with her husband, her dog, two cats and her aging parents. If you are looking for inspiration as well as  practical teaching  tools, please join her for this training.