Fall 2017 Training Series: Christina Sell Teacher Training

SAVE THE DATE! October 19-22, 2017

“We convince by our presence.” — Walt Whitman

  • Do you wish you were better able to respond to situations in the classroom as they occur?
  • Would you like to feel more authentic as a teacher?
  • How would your teaching change if you felt more self-assured and confident?

Our ability to be present in the classroom is as important as the planning and preparation that happen outside the classroom. In fact, as we develop the skill of presence, we are less distracted by self-consciousness and self-doubt, and more capable of interacting with students and responding to them in the moment. 

In the same way we can learn skills and techniques to improve our asana practice, we can learn skills and techniques to help us become more present. Based on both the research of Amy Cuddy as outlined in her book Presence, and on her years of experience in the classroom, Christina Sell offers this four-day intensive to help you develop and refine your own capacity for presence, and through it, depth and value in your teaching.

Join masterful teacher Christina Sell for this inspiring course and learn:

  • simple techniques to decrease anxiety and increase your confidence as teacher. 
  • how to increase your ability to think in the moment and respond with authenticity
  • how to support yourself so you can enjoy your classes as much as your students do.
  • expect lots of asana and discussion/reflection time