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4-Part Yoga Series for Chronic Illness & Autoimmune Healing with Jeannie

Four Wednesdays, Jan 10th-31st from 7:30-8:30pm, $60 for the full series or $15 drop-in


Autoimmune and chronic health conditions often have their roots in
lifelong stress patterns beginning in early childhood. Early life trauma and
stress can alter the functioning of our stress-response system, making it
difficult to find ease in the body. This series is for anyone seeking
a resting place for an over-worked immune system, and a place to
support the body in healing from long-term stress and its impact on
physiology and health. Supported, restful yoga poses, guided breathwork, and
simple meditation practices will help the body enter into its most healing state. Come allow yourself to practice resting, receiving, and holding kind, healing space
for your body to find its way back into balance. All levels and all bodies welcome.