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Anatomy Tune-Up For Teachers and Movement Lovers with Zeyah Roge

November 9th / 10th  +  23rd / 24th

Saturday + Sunday 3pm - 8pm, Pricing Options Below

Anatomy Do-over

Is the anatomy portion of your training a blur? Are you an alignment-geek in theory but have trouble retaining anatomy and applying it your teaching and practice? Does anatomical jargon leave you in the dust? If so, then please join me for a relaxed and interactive course that reviews the anatomical basics that are most relevant to asana practice. The material comes alive with lecture, discussion, hands-on work, and creative explorations. Participants are encouraged to dive into the "laboratory of the body" where anatomy can be experienced rather than memorized. From a deeply feeling place, we will develop critical thinking skills to meaningfully apply the anatomical information to movement sequencing and teaching techniques.

Zeyah Skeleton 2.jpg

More Specifically

Learn about the skeleton and what movements can be expected at the joints; get to know key muscles and the dynamic relationships they share with one another; develop the ability to read tension patterns in others and offer anatomically informed guidance to inspire more freedom; develop an awareness of the intersection of posture, the nervous system, and the psycho-emotional experiences.

Is This Workshop Right For You?

While oriented to yoga teachers specifically, any kind of movement instructor or practitioner with an enthusiasm for alignment and anatomy can benefit from this workshop. We will be using asana sequencing and practice teaching to integrate the material. Please contact Zeyah directly if you are unsure if this workshop is suitable for you.

Your Facilitator

Zeyah loves maps and she thinks the human body offers the most exquisite map of all. Her obsession with the anatomy has inspired 20+ years exploring the fields of dance, yoga, medical studies, and massage therapy. All of this culminated in a Master's Degree in Somatic Psychology in 2015 where she wrote her thesis on the connections between anatomy, pscyho-emotional healing, and yoga. Currently, Zeyah has a psychotherapy practice in Portland, OR, and teaches weekly yoga classes at the Peoples Yoga and the Bhaktishop.


EARLY BIRD PRICING - Before September 15th

Baseline - $229

Reduced - $199

Equity - $169

REGULAR PRICING - After September 15th

Baseline - $269

Reduced - $249

Equity - $229

We strive for accessible pricing and payment options. Our 3-Level Pricing thrives on trust. Trust is a pretty amazing thing! We trust you to be honest in your assessment of your economic reality. Which Level do you fall into? Payment Plans available.

Baseline: This reflects the actual cost of the workshop. If you choose one of the price options below, then you are receiving a discount. Please make sure that you truly need the discount.

Reduced: For those who are able to meet their basic needs but have little-to-no expendable income. Paying for this class may qualify as a sacrifice but it would not create hardship.

Equity: For those who struggle to meet basic needs and paying for this class would still be a significant hardship, or impossible without the discount.