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Compassionate Resistance Campaign--September

All proceeds of our Sunday morning 9am classes with Britt and Caitlyn will benefit Homeless Houston, an organization helping displaced immigrants and houseless folks that were deeply impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Why Homeless Houston/Coalition for the Homeless?

We believe that direct support to on-the-ground organizations like this do the most direct good, bypassing huge conglomerates like the Red Cross (who also do plenty of good, but often misuse or misdirect funds.)

As of this update, Southeast Texas is still experiencing this unprecedented weather event. Since 2012, local homeless providers have housed more than 11,000 homeless individuals and we are working with partner organizations to see how many of the individuals and families housed in one of The Way Home’s Permanent Housing programs have been displaced from their homes during Hurricane Harvey.

The Coalition is currently exploring disaster funding that can be used specifically for homeless and displaced formerly homeless individuals to get them back into housing. Monetary donations made to the Coalition will be used to help formerly homeless individuals get back into housing.

Because widespread flooding is continuing, cash donations to partners of The Way Home are more helpful to address immediate needs than in-kind donations. However, individuals interested in making in-kind donations can visit for a list of direct service providers to contact and get information on their organizations’ and clients’ specific needs.

All you have to do is come to class, we will do the rest.