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Compassionate Resistance Campaign: June

This month, join us in supporting the Womxn & Femmes of Color Organizing for Racial Justice, a division of the YWCA of Greater Portland  (which is not a faith-based organization, nor is  'YWCA' an acronym, just to clarify.)

Sundays at 9am and Fridays at 4pm throughout the month of June, help us support the Compassionate Resistance Campaign, an opportunity for us to gather and give in the name of justice, truth and hope. You can simply come to class, you can donate to the jar on the desk, and we will do the rest.

We chose this organization because we affirm that womxn and femmes of color working together across lines of difference can transform and improve lives and communities. This group is a safer space for womxn and femmes of color to find support, healing, and to organize together for racial justice. As a community that truly believes in the uplift and safety of all its members, we are committing to assisting in any way possible.


We are an increasingly growing and diversifying group and believe that by working across cultures we can transform and improve our communities and enhance our well being. We meet and share about our experiences in an open and fluid, yet facilitated format. We also go on occasional wellness-oriented outings (like group hikes or trips to gardens). Eventually we may plan more outward-facing, racial-justice oriented events, depending on the wishes of the group.

This group meets monthly and offers a safer space where WFOC are invited to tell their stories of struggle, resistance and resilience, and build relationships as well as our resolve and capacities. Our outings balance that and allow us to restore, connect, and explore Portland together! There are about 60 members of this group with varied levels of involvement. We were formed in May of 2016 and new members are always welcomed. We use a consensus-based decision making model.

Here are some resources to learn more about the terminology they use and gender identity:

Women and Femmes Unite: A Structural and Political Analysis of Femininity

A roundtable discussion of what “femme” means to different femme people

The Gender Unicorn

Who Gets to Identify as ‘Femme’

Why I Choose to Identify As a Womxn

“Womxn” – A Prezi

Anyone can follow them on Facebook at

For more information about this group and their work, or to make a donation, please check out their website here, and thank you for your support!