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Conscious, Hands-on Assists for Standing Poses with Todd Jackson

Four Saturdays from 3-6pm

Individual sessions: $50 each, or Entire Series: $185

October 14 - Introduction class, featuring the Virabhadrasana II and Uttitha Parsvakonasana pose family
October 28 - Featuring the Anjaneyasana and Virabhadrasana I pose family
November 18 - Featuring the Trikonasana and Ardha Chandrasana pose family
December 9 -  Featuring the Parivrtta Parsvakonasana and Parivrtta Trikonasana pose family

*This course is for yoga teachers and those in a current teacher training program.

The standing poses are the most commonly taught asanas, They offer students strength, stability, stamina and flexibility in an accessible, meaningful way. As teachers, we can help them maximize these benefits with hands-on adjustments to guide them towards a safer, more integrated experience of the pose.

Learn to spot alignment concerns, understand how they impact a student's experience, and provide hands-on guidance to succinctly bring them towards improved health. Each class will explore a commonly taught pose and how to address the most common alignment concerns.

Together we'll gain familiarity with specific hands-on adjustments for each pose, building confidence by giving and receiving the assists to one another. We'll learn how to visually discern the need for a hands-on adjustment, prioritize which student to adjust in a room full of people, and practice moving in to guide the student with grace and confidence.

About Todd Jackson:

Todd Jackson is recognized by fellow teachers and students as an exceptional educator.  His lengthy commitments to yoga, biodynamic massage and biodynamic cranial therapy shine through his presentations.

Todd helps students experience inner-body integration. His teaching guides students to balance the sensations of weight distribution, directional movement and tissue resiliency within.  In addition to public yoga classes, Todd offers yoga teacher training via advanced studies in yoga sequencing, how to see and understand bodies, and detailed inversion practices.  Todd is known for his sequencing skills, sophisticated hands-on adjustments and friendly humor. His ability to see and understand what is happening in a student's body from across the room has earned him a reputation as a teacher who can adeptly guide students through their challenges to greater ease and joy in the poses. Teaching since 1997, Todd graduated from the Advanced Studies Program at The Yoga Room in Berkeley, where he continues his long-term studies with Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin.