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Conscious Touch/Hands-on Adjustments for Yoga Teachers with Todd Jackson

October 29-30, 3-6pm each day
$100 for both days

Touch and hands-on adjustments make a pivotal difference in the quality of a student's learning experience.  A yoga teacher with cultivated hands-on skills can convey more deeply-felt instruction, meet a basic human need, and increase student retention rates. In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • approach students in a psychologically safe way
  • connect to them from the entirety of your being
  • spot and adjust weight placement in joints
  • apply portable tools you can use in your classes right away

Discussion, demonstrations, guided meditations and practice exchanges will develop our skills and confidence when applying hands-on assists during yoga classes.  We'll explore how to set a learning environment that invites participation while decreasing anxiety about touch and adjustments.  Guided meditations will amplify our felt-sense perceptions, enhancing the baseline quality of our touch.  Special emphasis will be given to learning simple, safe, potent touch assists you can apply immediately.  Practice seeing and adjusting weight displacements in joints to increase the safety of your classes and therapeutic benefit for your students.

This unique workshop is facilitated by Todd Jackson, Portland's own incredibly skilled teacher's teacher, who is also a beloved teacher to Bhaktishop teachers Lisa Mae, Linnea, Britt, and many, many of our students. Todd's facility with seeing the body and facilitating change from the inside out is unparalleled. Please read more about him and his work here, and don't miss this chance to learn how to connect with your students more deeply.

(300 Hour students: 6 hours of Teaching Methodology)