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Guided Meditation and Pranayama Series for #standingrock with Danielle

Wednesday evening from 7-8pm:


by Donation to #standing rock, and Class cards/drop-in/passports welcome

The mind and body have built-in healing responses that are equally as powerful as pain and stress responses. Practices like pranayama and meditation are simple, practical tools to learn how to do manage pain and stress in the mind and body.  These practices elicit our deeper relaxation responses through activating the vagus nerve and provide the foundation for healing habits. According to Ayurveda, the ancient, natural healing science and sister science of Yoga, it is understood that there is a deep connection between awareness, consciousness, the mind and the breath, and through the practices of meditation and pranayama we can successfully program ourselves towards greater health and balance. Doing so among the collective consciousness of our sangha only enriches and heightens our practice.

Join us for a-either of these 3 week series as we explore the healing practices of breathing and meditation to calm, soothe and quiet the mind-body.