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Introductory Asana, Anatomy and Pranayama Immersion with Monicka, Danielle, Britt and Zeyah

September 11, 2018- February 28, 2019

Tu/Th mornings 6-8am $480

Join resident Anatomy and movement theory teacher Monicka Koneski, our own Ayurveda and Pranayama teacher Danielle Hanna, and amazing somatics and anatomy lover Zeyah Roge and the amazing Britt Rhoden in this annual Asana, Anatomy, and Pranayama exploratorium for teachers and teachers-to-be.  

This five-month series takes you on a journey from the foundations of Tadasana all the way through our Level 1 asana syllabus to give you the building blocks to explore countless other continuing and advanced poses.  If you long for workshop-level sophistication in your learning, want to deeply learn (or re-learn) the foundations of asana anatomy and biomechanics or simply wish to take an excellent immersion with three highly-dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate teachers, this is the program for you.  

You’ll explore practical, hands-on, and experiential avenues into each asana with scenic anatomical detours in every class, and in addition to exploring the realm of the physical, learn to understand and practice in the subtle realm as well with exploration of chakras, subtle energy and development of your felt sense. Through pranayama, quieting down the nervous system and attuning to alignment, work with the deeper energetics of the asanas. Learn to feel the postures in a way that informs you from the inside, developing a greater connection to both yourself and to yoga. 

These teachers guide with clarity, experience and compassion to give you the tools you need to grow yourself as a teacher, at any level. This immersion includes 20 minutes of meditation in every class, as well as an optional  3-day retreat to Breitenbush  (additional cost of $275 for lodging applies, please talk to us if you are interested in coming!)

(300 Hour Students: 45 Asana hours, 15 Anatomy hours)