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Navigating The Fine Lines: A Racial Equity and Inclusion Workshop for Teachers and Wellness Providers with Kenya Budd

Fri-Sun, November 3-5th $75 (sliding scale available for accessibility, please contact

FRI: 5:30-8:30pm SAT/SUN: 3-6:30pm


We re delighted to welcome Kenya Budd, our Equity and Racial Inclusion facilitator whom we have been working with privately for some time now, into a public forum from which the whole community can benefit.

We all have implicit biases - ways in which we think things about other people that are based on our own bias, not on reality --  As Daniel Kahneman has said, "We're blind to the obvious, and blind to our blindness" about our own thinking, which can be mistaken.  The key question is always whether we are willing to learn more deeply about ourselves and, importantly for our lives and livelihoods, ask: at what point do our implicit biases become another person's impediments to accessing wellness services? 

Our facilitator, Kenya Budd, will help define implicit bias and micro-aggression and help us understand how they appear in interpersonal interactions in your practices, with students and with peers.  In addition, she will help us understand how implicit bias and micro-aggression can be an impediment to another person's access to wellness, and we'll also discuss racial anxiety and fragility.  Kenya will help us navigate where micro-aggression comes from and help us find some viable interruptions for this undesirable behavior that can impact a group's functioning, communication and trust.

We will also discuss the idea of Cultural Appropriation and the Decolonizing of wellness practices. Our facilitator will hold space for both self-reflection and self-lead discussion that addresses how to handle the range of issues that can manifest in this complex arena.  How do we handle micro-aggression?  How do you see your own implicit bias?  How do you manage you reactivity when informed about spots you can't see in your own behavior, develop insight, and improve your environments, practices, and communication so that all can thrive? How do you know if your yoga or wellness practice is appropriative, and what can you do about it?

Come join us for a community conversation aimed at everyone's education, upliftment, and capacity-building, so that we might continue to grow our communities in a healthy, equitable and inclusive way.

About Kenya Budd:

Kenya is a professional Trainer, Facilitator and Mediator in private practice, she has been mediating since 2004, facilitating since 2003 and training individuals on diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace and in community since 2003. The framework for Kenya’s diversity work is grounded in anti-oppressive theory, maximizing the human resources and creating healthier communities, conflict resolution and equity. As an architect of change, she has been instrumental in policy, and practice changes that provide for the inclusion of diversity hires and others with visible and hidden intersections. Kenya has focused her diversity, inclusion and equity work on creating safe and respectful conversation in communities where class, race, ability, gender, and privilege can be explored in a paradigm have a more compassionate, inclusive conversation that are grounded in key concepts found in social justice theory and anti-oppressive service delivery, Cognitive Behavioral Theory, motivational Interviewing techniques, Adaptive Leadership and Transformative Facilitation models. Learn more at!blank/c1ge

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