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New Year's Day Ritual and Practice with Linnea

January 1, 2017 11-12:30

By Donation

New Year's Day can be a loaded day, fraught with queasy decisions from the previous Eve layered on top of high RESOLUTION expectations. Rather than embarking on a new oath of self-fixing and individualized self-improvements, let's get together and celebrate the amazing community we have! 

There is so much to do currently in the world at large to create a safe and loving environment for all earth's inhabitants. As we continue to cultivate a rich future, perhaps we can pause to appreciate and enjoy the community we are building together each time we show up and move our bodies around in a yoga room.  Let us acknowledge the strength of our small group by spending some time to share our delight in of movement, compassion, attention, subtlety, strength and most of all love! All levels encouraged.