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Re-envisioning Asana: A 4-Week Series for Teachers and the Movement-Curious with Monicka

Tuesday mornings 6:15-8am Feb 20 to March 13th, $60

Join Monicka in this 4-part series for teasing apart the complexities of yoga asana.  By taking a closer and more detailed look at some of the basic forms, we will explore various to support the individual experience in a given pose (or family of poses) in an effort to build intelligently and seamlessly toward an integrated experience of movement.  It is Monicka's belief that there is not one "right way" to participate in asana, and by exploring a variety of approaches (based on the understanding that we all have unique physical make-ups) we may find a much more sustainable and well-rounded experience of ourselves within movement.  This also lends itself to helping others experience this, if we are teaching movement or yoga to others. All welcome!

Advanced Study students: 7 hours of Asana