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Restore Your Core™ 4-week Series with Shana Celnicker-Chong

Mondays, Jan 7- Jan 28 from 12-1pm (10 people max) $80

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Join Shana Celnicker-Chong for a 4-week Restore Your Core ™ series to help you find and use your reflexive core. If you are having back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, or tightness in your shoulders and neck, it could be that your core strength needs some attention.  Using alignment, yoga and movement exercises, we will learn to restore your core and pelvic floor function.

Each week we will bring awareness to your movement and alignment patterns as we create new ones that better support your body.  Each class will build on the previous class, and a short practice will be given to practice each week outside of class. 

Restore Your Core is a method of retraining your core & pelvic floor muscles to be functional, reflexive, responsive, and supportive to your body. RYC™ helps you learn to move better, uncover movement compensation patterns, and create new patterns of strength, mobility, length, and support. All levels welcome!