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Spiritual Justice Immersion with Madeline Harmon and Zubin Shroff

Friday-Sunday, April 20-22

Three sessions: Friday: 5:30-9pm, Saturday 1-8pm, Sunday 3-8pm (with breakout sessions for POC and white folks)

$195 (Equity pricing available by request, and no one turned away for lack of funds. Contact us at for details on equity pricing if you would like to make a request.)

We are living in times of great change. Times of great flux are also opportunities for us to explore possibilities - ways of being in community, supporting one another and caring for ourselves, and working together to create change that is loving, just, and transformational. Spiritual justice work helps us to recognize, cultivate and value different mindsets and new leadership styles. The Spiritual Justice Immersion is the core program offered by the Yoga + Social Justice Collaborative. In this workshop, you will learn to draw upon a deeper well of spiritual strength and intuitive knowledge to support your own healing and well-being and to anchor your work with partners, community and family. In a safe and supportive environment this training will help you use simple yoga and meditation practices to cultivate self-awareness and reveal your unique role in working with social justice values. In community, we will practice the skills that will help to build resilience, compassion, community and self care as anchors for your justice and healing work, as you gain clarity on becoming an effective agent for change in a world that is calling for health and healing.

Friday Night - 5:30 -9pm (open to all)   Session 1: What is Spiritual Justice?

  •   How we understand justice, the word spiritual, & spiritual justice
  •   Explore our own definitions of these terms
  •   When did you first come to Justice? When was your spiritual awakening? 

Saturday - 1-8pm  (POC and co-conspirators/open to all)  Session 2: Radical Self Exploration, Intersectionality & Decolonizing the Mind

  •   Ongoing self exploration, and cultivating self awareness as key spiritual practice  
  •   Acknowledging our constructed selves, and the power of systemic injustice to create these identities
  •   Need to acknowledge and honor that we are all different, before we are all one
  •   Acknowledging our own privilege, hearing other voices, and how to be a skillful and honest co-conspirators

Saturday Session 3: Ancestry & Land as Sacred Source

  • Roots of yoga being deeply connected to the land and shamanic practices
  • Exploring our own ancestry
  • Exploring the sacredness of he land and nature and its power as a source of re-connection and healing

Sunday - 3-8 pm (POC and co-conspirators/open to all, but split into breakout groups) Session 4 Understanding the embodied experience of injustice as trauma

For POC Attendees – Self-care for POC: Deeper understanding of self care

  • Cultivating your self-care tool kit
  • Understanding self-care is community care, and community care is self care
  • Building and sustaining communities of care and support

For White Attendees: Deconstructing Whiteness

  • Cultivating receptivity & navigating intersectional conversations

 Who is This Training is For?
Whether you are a teacher, or a health care, wellness, or mental health professional, community volunteer, or if you are searching for ways to bring more compassion and justice to your community, there will be something valuable for you in this training. POC and white folks are both welcome, and there are breakout groups for both.
Do I have to know about Yoga or Meditation?
While this training draws on yoga and Buddhist philosophies and practices, no prior experience in those areas is necessary.  As our learning of effective spiritual practice is enriched through diversity, bodies of all sizes, ages, and abilities are welcome and supported. The studio is equipped and accessible for all mobility devices.

(15.5 Elective hours for advanced study students)


About Zubin Shroff E-RYT 500, C-IAYT:
Yoga has always been part of Zubin's life. Growing up between London and Mumbai, his first teacher was his grandfather, Rutton Shroff.  In Mumbai his family and their friends studied with B.S.K. Iyengar and when Zubin was 12 he learned from his mother as she began her own yoga practice. He continues to learn from and be inspired by his friends, colleagues, students, and teachers and gives great thanks to Ericka Huggins, Richelle Donigan Kira Ryder, Ericka Phillips and Rodney Yee for their constant support and guidance.

Zubin passionately believes in making the practice of yoga accessible to as wide a group of people as possible. Living in a world of great diversity, complexity and interdependence, and also great resistance to our changing world. Zubin is committed to supporting skilled, impassioned yoga teachers and mentors in all walks of life and across many experiences to help guide our communities, schools and workplaces toward greater understanding and compassion. As Director of Piedmont Yoga, Zubin oversees and informs the future direction of the studio and leads the 200-Hr and 300-Hr teacher trainings and in the Deep Healing Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. He teaches in Oakland in public schools, prisons and in hospitals.
In 2016 Zubin founded The Spiritual Justice Collaborative, an organization dedicates to
exploring the relationship between spiritual practice and social justice through
collaborative gatherings, education, and service for the healing and liberation of all.
Zubin is the author of Conversations with Modern Yogis, a comprehensive collection of his
interviews and portraits of yoga practitioners and teachers in North America, and The
Cosmopolitans, a collection of portraits exploring the meaning of cultural identity.

Madeline Harmon 2.jpg

About Madeline Harmon:As a Mindful Studies teacher for Peace in Schools, Madeline’s mission is to assist youth in realizing their personal power and cultivating attitudes of loving kindness towards themselves and others. Accomplished through deep contemplative practice and strong roots of eco-feminist ideology, her teaching aims to unearth and nurture what’s buried down deep. She is a firm believer that we cannot all be expected to take the same action towards change and that we must work our own authenticity in order to sow the seeds for the landscape of change. She aims to teach all people how to illuminate their process towards justice held by a foundation of practice. Madeline is currently an advanced registered Yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance holding over 1000 hours of teaching experience and a 300 hour certification from Piedmont Yoga. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work from Portland State University.