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Teaching Inclusive Practices for LGBTIQ Students: A Workshop For Teachers with Zeyah Roge

Friday, October 13th, 5:30-8:30pm $30

This introductory workshop is for yoga teachers and wellness providers who want to improve their understanding and capacity to relate meaningfully with their LGBTIQ students. This workshop presents historical and current contexts which directly impact gender and sexual minority students and emphasizes the power of language. Rather than offering a rule book, we will learn how to be curious and humble as we attempt to hold the complexity and diversity within sexual and gender minority communities. Our understandings of gender and sexuality cannot be separated from race, class, fatphobia, disability and other marginalized experiences.From this place we can evaluate our current teaching habits and update our language and approach to better suit our students. Open to all that wish to develop their equity and inclusion skills.

About Zeyah Roge:

Zeyah is a Portland based yoga instructor, massage therapist, and somatic psychotherapist. She has dedicated much of her life advocating and providing services for her LGBTIQ community. She currently teaches a weekly Queer & Trans Yoga class, which offers a safer space for sexual and gender minority yoga students to practice. Zeyah has an extensive background studying and teaching anatomy, trauma-informed care, and mindful movement practices. She is excited to offer this introductory workshop as a greater effort to make yoga classes more accessible to all people.