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CANCELLED DUE TO TEACHER ILLNESS: Untuck What's Stuck: Your Pelvis and Spine via A Franklin Method Movement Workshop with Ali Wesley

CANCELLED, please join us for Sunday's workshop!

Friday, December 2, 5:30-8:30pm $50

When you allow movement in all 3 dimensions in your pelvis, sacrum and spine, it creates less confusion around stability vs. mobility and will provide an inner ease and buoyancy to your movements. Can you imagine lifting into cobra without any pinch in your lower back?

In this workshop we will work to understand and embody natural movement and counter movements in the bones of the spine, sacrum and pelvis. You will leave with fluidity and a better understanding of this sacred area, along with simple routines to practice every morning so when you go to walk/sit/stand/drive/bike/practice warrior poses, you'll feel supported and mobile from your base. All levels, injuries and curiosities welcome. Move smarter!

300 Hour students: 3 Elective Hours