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Vedic Astrology Talk: America's Date with Destiny with Dennis Flaherty

Friday, September 22nd, 6:30-8pm $10

“To everything there is a season, and time to every purpose under the heavens” from Ecclesiastes is the tune for these times, as America has entered into a new season of time; the cycle of Rahu.  Rahu is planet of storm and rebellion in Vedic Astrology, and it will come as no surprise that the United states was born on July 4th, 1776 in the planetary cycle of Rahu! America again entered the storm cycle of Rahu last year and elected Donald Trump on a revolutionary platform within his own party while Trump himself was in the planetary cycle of Rahu.

If we wish to forecast the fruit of a particular season we need to look back on the historical record of that past season, for as Mark Twain mused: “History never repeats itself, but often it rhymes”.  Join Dennis as he forecasts Rahu’s cycle and America’s date with destiny, helping us to see possibilities in our own future, and that of the nation and planet.

During this time, Dennis is available for a small number of personal/private readings. To schedule a reading, please contact his office at 1.425.778.6487

Dennis Flaherty is among the most historically recognized astrologers in the movement of Vedic astrology into the West with over 3 decades of experience as a full time practicing astrologer. He was among the very first East/West astrologers in the late eighties, who were recognized and practiced in both Western and Vedic astrology.

Dennis is one of the original foundational four westerners who have sponsored the great teachers of Vedic astrology to the West, having co-sponsored the International Symposiums on Vedic astrology with his colleagues and peers, Dennis Harness, Dr. David Frawley and James Kelleher in the 90's.

Dennis is the founder and director of the NW Institute of Vedic Sciences where he continues to teach Vedic astrology through his CVA recognized mentoring program. His many lectures and classes of the last three decades are available through the audio archives of most of the major international and national astrological conferences at which he has been a featured speaker from CVA, ACVA, UAC, FAA, NAMA, BAVA, NORWAC, as well as ASC, ASA, OAA, OPA, WSAA and the international Mind/Body/Spirit Fairs as well as the audio archives of the NW Institute of Vedic Sciences where he conducts his practice, classes and mentoring.

Dennis has taught Vedic astrology programs as past faculty at Kepler College, Kerala Ayurveda and Bastyr University in Seattle. He speaks annually through various Yoga and Ayurveda centers nationally. In recognition of his many years in education he was nominated for the Regulus Award in Education at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) in 2012, and also received the Saptarishi title in 2012 by Gayatri Devi Vasudev, and the Jyotish Mahasangara title from the Raman and Rajeshwarwi Foundation in 2013.

Dennis continues to consult and lecture on Vedic astrology throughout the world where he serves an international clientele. Like most astrologers his clients include celebrities and professionals, but most importantly he consults with people who are looking for life direction, path and purpose in order to lead a more meaningful life.