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Yoga and Mobility For Climbers with Monica Fong

Saturday May 11, 3-5pm, $25 ($15 for BIPOC)

Join Monica Fong for an all-levels yoga and mobility workshop designed by a climber specifically for climbers.

No previous yoga experience necessary. Start with foundational poses to open up the chest, relieve shoulder and forearm tension, practice balance, and stretch those notoriously tight climbing muscles. This workshop is a great way to begin a yoga practice if you've been looking to start but don't know how, and if you're a seasoned yoga practitioner, this is a great insight to targeting your yoga and mobility work specifically toward climbing.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn specific strength training exercises to target antagonist climbing muscles

  • Develop necessary skills like balance, stability, and core tension to enhance your climbing ability

  • Learn to pinpoint chronically tight muscles that are overused in climbing and roll them out using therapeutic massage balls

  • Learn breathing techniques to develop deeper body awareness to aid your climbing