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Yoga School Q & A with Lisa Mae

Friday, August 23rd 5:30-6:30pm, FREE

Ask your questions. Interrogate us in the process of deciding how and where to study. Discernment is one of the guiding forces of the practice of yoga, and using your intuition and discernment to decide where to study, and with whom, is a vital skill.

You are an incredible, transcendent unit of loving consciousness and an important agent of social change. Yoga can help us directly engage in both. The planet and the imbalances of power and suffering are a hot mess, that is clear. But we have agency, and we have consciousness. The teachings of yoga give guideposts, not just to help understand how to relieve our own suffering, but how to find community and wise love and connect to the All-That-Is, whatever we may call that Source.

Yoga is so more than asana. Yoga is a deep, life-changing practice of self-awareness and understanding social relational fabric in relation to divinity. We evolved through and for relationship, and we can learn to use this embodiment to shape self-change AND social change through the shared experience of stable, changeless happiness that is not dependent on gain or loss (or better pelvic floor control, a perfectly nailed handstand, or even equilibrium of mind) because resolving pain, or a personal issue, will not make us happy in the truest sense.

The teachings transform us both internally and externally in a powerful way; action, love and true knowledge are the heart of the teaching of The Bhagavad Gita and this is how we share these practices here, with you.

Come join us on a discovery of the self, the self that is whole and complete as it is, but longs of connection and purpose and service. Clarify your own vision and the collective vision for the work you want to do in the world, for the world we want to leave to all of our descendants. Learn to co-create a culture in yourself and in a group, if you so choose, that centers agency, sovereignty, relationship, justice, truth and the un-doing of suffering. Come discover your energy and gifts and visions and hone them into a useful language and set of tools to share yoga practices in ta way that will help us all shift culture from one that is toxic to one that is nurturing and liberatory for all beings.

Because moksha, liberation, has deeply rooted social implications.