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Bhakti and Yoga: The Heart of Practice

Breitenbush Hot Springs January 19-21, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)

Join Lisa Mae and Monicka as we celebrate the new, weaving in the teachings of bhakti into the yoga that you love. During this immersive weekend renewal, we’ll introduce the philosophical essentials of bhakti yoga: hearing, chanting, and remembering God, while honing discipline and attention through the practices of physical yoga asana. In both of their unique ways, they'll help you work with renewed bio-mechanics of movement to reshape your physical practice, and listen to your heart to cultivate a sense of devotion as you participate in the weaving of these two classical paths of practice as a profound shift in consciousness. This retreat is accessible to most levels of yoga participant, with even a little practical experience on the mat. Happy New year Indeed!

Registration through Breitenbush directly: 503.854.3320

PLEASE NOTE: Breitenbush's cancellation/refund policies differ from The Bhaktishops; please refer to their website for further details.